Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Kids at Risk from Meth

A story in today's St. Pete Times shows that kids are not only dangerously uninformed about the dangers of Meth, they are at risk from the false information they have gotten on the subject.

According the the survey released yesterday and reported on by the Associated Press, nearly a quarter of teens say it would be "very easy" or "somewhat easy" to get methamphetamine, and one in three teens also believes there is only a "slight risk" or "no risk" in trying meth once or twice.

Yet former Meth users uniformly speak of how they were addicted to the drug the first time they used it.

Case in point, in the Meth booklet that's part of the Truth about Drugs series published by the Foundation for a Drug Free World, a woman named Marie says:

“My life spun out of control after a simple 'girls night out' to alleviate boredom. After being introduced for the first time at age 40, within 3 years I was shooting meth. I left my husband and three children (10, 12 and 15) and ended up living on the street.”

The Church of Scientology of Tampa and the Flag Service Organization both sponsor Say No to Drugs groups that distribute these booklets and enlist the participation of other community groups to spread the word about drugs like Meth. For copies of the booklet or information on how to start your own group, contact the Foundation for a Drug Free World.

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