Saturday, September 08, 2007

Auditors Day

Tonight, Auditors day was celebrated in Clearwater, the spiritual "headquarters" of the Scientology religion.

I've been reading the basic books of Scientology (released in late June in Clearwater by David Miscavige and although I've been a Scientologist for many years, I am getting a much much better understanding of what it means to be an auditor.

L. Ron Hubbard used the word "auditor" instead of counselor or therapist or whatever because the word itself explains what a person who is an auditor does and what his attitude is toward the people he/she helps. Auditor means "one who listens" and that is one of the most important skills and functions he/she learns and performs.

When I was new to Scientology a friend of mine, who introduced me to it, sat down with me and just listened to me for about three hours. I felt much better at the end of that. Just having someone listen to me and let me vent without feeling compelled to tell me what he thought I should think about myself was so helpful.

From there I read the Dianetics book and that's when I realized how much this subject had to offer.

Anyway, tonight was Auditors Day in Clearwater, as I said, and auditors who train in Clearwater from around the world (literally) were acknowledged and thanked for their help. And boy do they help!

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