Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Scientology in Clearwater

One thing about Scientology in Clearwater is that as a Scientologist, no matter where you are from, eventually everyone you know will show up here.

I've had problems with this sometimes. I've met people in New York, Texas, San Francisco, East Grinstead at Saint Hill, in Clearwater and in Los Angeles. Sometimes I'll run into someone I know really well and just can't place them until I remember where I know them from!

Because Scientology is the "mecca" for Scientology - that place where all Scientologists come to do their most advanced spiritual levels, it is "home" to all Scientologists everywhere.

The other day I was talking to someone about one of the Scientology Human Rights groups the Church of Scientology sponsors - Youth for Human Rights International. In the course of the conversation we realized we had several mutual friends, each of whom is involved in this group but who all hail from different places.

Scientologists often travel in support of the social programs we are involved in. For example, many Scientologists from Clearwater traveled to New York in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks and helped in the rescue efforts as Scientology Volunteer Ministers. Scientologists have also traveled to France and Germany to support our churches there in their work to establish religious tolerance, not just for Scientology but for all religions.

I'm very proud to be a Scientologist. I have gained so much from it personally and helped many other people, and it is also so gratifying to know I am part of a religious movement that is really helping in society.


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