Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Mary Story is the Vice President and Director of Community Affairs of the Church of Scientology Flag Service Organization: the Scientology headquarters in Clearwater Florida.

According to the Tampa Bay Partnership
"The parishioners of the Church of Scientology Flag Service Organization contribute 170,000 hours ofvolunteer work annually in service to the Tampa Bay area working with community groups to strengthen neighborhoods, help the needy, improve literacy, fight drug addiction and abuse, promote the arts and provide wholesome entertainment to the community. These volunteer hours are contributed both to community betterment groups throughout the area as well as groups established by Scientologists. Church staff and Church members are active in over 100 charitable groups in the Tampa Bay community."

One area in which Scientology volunteers are particularly active is in the use of Scientology Study Tech. Study Tech is a very simple technology developed by L. Ron Hubbard. He originally formulated Study Tech to help Scientology ministers learn the technology of Scientology counseling, but it has application in any area of study.

The fact is that schools don't teach kids to study. They try to teach their subjects and often fall short of providing an adequate education because students don't now the more basic skills of how to study in the first place.

What is most exciting about Scientology study tech is that once they master these simple skills, students can learn anything. The self-confidence and self-respect a student gains from being able to learn any subject is startling to see.

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