Thursday, August 26, 2010

Mary Shuttleworth: Youth for Human Rights World Tour

IAS medal-winner Mary Shuttleworth carried out a three-month-long Youth for Human Rights International world tour this year. Above is a photo of her delivering a workshop at a South African University.

Shuttleworth received the IAS Freedom Medal for her work in founding and developing Youth for Human Rights, a non profit program that educates youth on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. A school principal who grew up in apartheid South Africa, Shuttleworth is passionate about eradicating human rights violations through education. As the Scientology religion is committed to human rights, as stated by the Scientology Creed, Scientology churches started sponsoring Youth for Human Rights groups, and the Church of Scientology International Human Rights Office worked with Shuttleworth in developing properties to make the subject understandable to the man in the street.

One of the most lucid and simple expositions of human rights is the film, "What Are Human Rights," produced at Golden Era Publications. In June 2009 this film was released by Mr. David Miscavige at an annual convocation held aboard the Freewinds motor vessel.

In addition to their annual world tour, Youth for Human Rights holds an annual youth summit at one or another of the UN headquarters.

Shuttleworth says her inspiration in carrying out this campaign to educate youth in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was L. Ron Hubbard who wrote, "human rights must be made a fact, not an idealistic dream."

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