Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Scientology in Tampa

Right next to Clearwater is Tampa, Florida. The Church of Scientology of Tampa was actually the first Ideal Scientology Church. It was the bright idea of David Miscavige to pilot creating a church like that next to the Scientology spiritual HQ in Clearwater.

Here's the story, from Scientology.org

Tampa, Florida

World's First Ideal Church of Scientology

March 29, 2003

Tampa Scientologists and guests celebrated a watershed achievement in Scientology history when they dedicated the new Church of Scientology of Tampa on March 29, 2003. On that day, Tampa became the world’s first Ideal Church of Scientology, ushering in a new breed of Church capable of providing services to both parishioners and the community at large at at an unprecedented level.

Carrying out strategic planning directed by Chairman of the Board Religious Technology Center, Mr. David Miscavige, Tampa Bay Scientologists joined forces to create this ideal Church of Scientology and attain the goal set years earlier by Scientology Founder L. Ron Hubbard. Staff and parishioners accomplished the target less than one year after the building was acquired and so made the historic Andres Diaz Building in West Tampa their new home.

Three times the size of the previous Church, the four-story structure comprises numerous spiritual counseling rooms, two course rooms seating 200 students and a Chapel for Sunday services and other Scientology ceremonies.

The Diaz Building not only allows the Tampa Church to preserve a Tampa landmark but to also fulfill its revitalization initiatives through secular programs in literacy and drug abuse prevention.

Scientology in Clearwater on Scientology.org

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