Tuesday, August 01, 2006

You run into all your friends in Clearwater

If you are a Scientologist and you are visiting or living in, you'll eventually run into all your friends here.

Okay. That's an exaggeration. But only just.

The funny thing is if you have been to lots of different Scientology churches, as I have. You see someone and you know you really like the person and "just saw them" know (or knew) him or her really well. But who is it? And then you realize that it's true you knew this person really well. You were roommates 25 years ago in England, or that person was your course supervisor in Copenhagen three years ago....

And another fantastic thing about being in Clearwater is that as the "mecca" of Scientology you get briefed by senior executives from all over the world. And if you plan your trip right you will even be here when David Miscavige acts as emcee for one of the international events that are held here, such as the celebration of the L. Ron Hubbard's birthday which is held in Clearwater every March.

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