Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Freedom Magazine has a wonderful story about the work of Scientology Volunteer Ministers from the Church of Scientology of Tampa and the work they did to help others after last year's tsunami in South East Asia.

Here is one of the stories she tells:

"Among the survivors Jessica aided was a woman who, more than three weeks after the catastrophe, still refused to leave her battered home. Jessica heard about the woman from a concerned neighbor who asked if the Volunteer Ministers could help. "She was terrified the wave would come again, and said she could still hear the rushing, roaring water, an incessant noise which haunted her day and night," Jessica said. "She was completely gripped in the past moment that the wave came crashing onto the shore, smashing into her village."

"The young Volunteer Minister gave her an assist known as a "locational," directing her attention outward to her surroundings. Soon the woman began to brighten. She realized she no longer had the tsunami's overpowering noise rushing through her head and that the wave itself was gone. She started to laugh, then to talk. And then, for the first time in weeks, she stepped outside her door. She looked around, smiling, and told Jessica she saw there was more life to be lived.>> more

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